Fake Call Center duping US citizens busted,24 arrested by Udaipur police.

24 people at fake call center was arrested by Udaipur police for allegdly deceiving US citizens by pretending to be the Officials of United State Social Security Department and by threatening them to block thier social security numbers.

The arrested accused are ageing between 20 to 25 years of age and most of them hails from Nagaland,Assam and Punjab.

Reportedly the accused has duped more than 100 US citizens so far and most of the victims were native americans or senior citizens.

Sp Kailash Chandra Bishnoi said that accused are suspected to possesing confidential information of the US citizens.

Bishnoi further added that they were running the fake call center at Subhash Nagar area near B.N College of the city.

Bishnoi while explainng the modus operandi of the gang said that they would poss as Officials of US Social Security Department and use to target elderly US citizens that are less technically upgraded.They threaten them by saying that their SSN would be blocked as they is criminal use of it.They than ask them to pay fee if they didnot want thier SSN card to be blockee or legal action would not be taken against them.

Atleast 50 Computers and 14 LED TVs and other gadgets were has also been confiscated from the accused, the accused use Caller Id spoofing device to hide their acctual identity,Sp added.

It was also found that the accused were using fake names to make thier targets belives that they are Americans.

The fake call center was busted by a team of Bhopalpura police station led by Deputy Sp Rajiv Joshi and Station House Officer Rajesh Yadav with the help of thier team.

The arrested accused were identified as Abhishek Alias Steve (20),Palav Gogoi Alias David (20),LimaDhong Alias Wilson Jones (24),Charles (24),Setu Lohe Alias Steven 

Jorden (22),David Pete Alias David (19),Rohit Alias Victor (20),Emoting Jing 

Alias Max Smith (21),Khejro Lohe Alias Jhon (19),Modilo (22),Aveh Liyaj Alias Kelvin (19),Meren Lotha Alias Jherry Johns(22),Albert (21),Apen Najan Alias (19),Khodemo Othyo Alias Jordan (21),Velokojha Alias Anthony and Chompain Shitio Alias Jhon.

All the arrested accused are still under interrogation and further investigation of the matter is underway,as per Sp.

In similar incidences 2 other fake call centers were recently seized by the Udaipur police in which fraudsters hailiing from Ahemedabad were arrested for duping US citizens.



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