Even a Pan wala is wondering that who will run country in best way: General VK Singh.

Retired General and Union Foreign Minister V.K Singh on Wednesday visited Udaipur ahead the Lok Sabha Elections to lend support to the BJP candidates and also to motivate the party workers.
On this occasion Singh while adressing a meeting press confrence at the BJP party office talked about the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections.
He also reacted on Rahul Gandhi’s statement against BJP that he has given while adressing a Public Meeting at Beneshwar Dam of Banswara district on Tuesday.
Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday stated that all the money of government’s Minium Income Scheme has gone in the pocket of Anil Ambani,by reacting on this statement of Rahul Singh said that he didnot want to comment on any of his statement as many a times he says things that are baseless,he claimed that what Rahul is claiming to give an amount of Rs.72000 under Nyay Scheme that is less than what we are giving to a labourer as wages.
By attacking Congress Singh said that it the party of intellegent people,what they say and what they do he doesnt know that.
This time the people have decided that the government should be such that take the country towards growth,who is there that can make all well and make the country strong,even a ‘Pan Wala’ is thinking that who will run the country in the best way,Singh said.
Singh further said that this time questions on Nationalism is raising but it was already an issue since 1952 in Election,he said that was after 1965 and 1972 there was no discussion about Military, but BJP’s biggest agenda is development.
While speaking the role of army Singh said that a soldier do various thing on LOC but if anything went wrong it can ruin thier courier or spoil thier lives, but if a government stands slong with army in any adverse situation it will boost up thier confidence,when questioned about POK Singh that it is lengthy process and its deadline cannot be decided, we are optimistic and we hope that one day it will be done.
Talking about relations with China Singh added”Having healthy relationship with neighbouring country will add to the growth, that was the only that in 2014 all Neighbouring countries including Pakistan was sent invitation, we want improve our investment,business and other relationships with China,it will quit its relations with Pak or not that will be its decision but we should have a healthy relationship with it neighbour is our Foreign Policy”.No talk with Pakistan is possibke until it make the atmosphere peaceful.
Singh by reacting on Opposition belif that Pilot Abhinandan’s home coming was a result of Geneva Treaty Singh made it clear that if ig was so than it could have taken next 6 months for Abhinandan’s release, but was the impact of Modi government and its relationship with other nations that 40 countries came in support and Pak has to return Abhinandan immediately.The efforts to get back other Indian soldier from Pakistan is still on.
On CM Ashok Gehlot’s latest statement that he is more experienced than PM Narendra Modi, Singh said that Gehlot is an experienced man and should use his experience to benefit people.
He was welcomed by hundredsof party workers and leader on his arrival, various senior BJP leaders including Ex-Home Minister and Leader of Opposition, Gulab Chand Kataria accompained him on the occasion.
On the other hand Congress State General Secretary Sushil Sharma also targeted BJP during his one day visit to Udaipur on Wednesday.
Sharma on entry of Film Actor’s in BJP said that BJP by giving entry to film actors wants to deviate people from the basic issues,he further said that Congress Party has promised everyone to give justice to them under its Justice Scheme and also included points considering benefits of the people on which work will also start as soon as it constitute its government.
He hit BJP by saying the government failed to fulfilled its promises which it made.
While the represenratives of both the parties are putting efforts to motivate people to vote thier parties at the same time BTP is also campaining in a unique way,in this series on Wednesday the BTP candidate of Udaipur B.L Janwal has conducted a rally at Tidi area of Udaipur, he was seen dancing along with his supporters on the beats of the music generated by beating Thalis.



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