Escaped prisoner arrested by police from forest near native village at Madhya Pradesh.

The undertrail accused of  rape who escaped from Udaipur Jail was captured on late Sunday night while he was trying to hide from police at the forest area of Dohri village.

The escapee Lal Singh  was arrested by the police been trying to hide at the forest of his native village Dohri of Madhya Pradesh.

The accused was awaiting trail under  cases of PoCso Act, Murder and Theft against the cases registered on his name at various police station of Madhya Padesh and Rajasthan.

During the search the Surajpol police of Udaipur learnt that he was a drug addict and may be hiding at one of the drug den at Mumbai or Madhya Pradesh.Following the information the police was keeping eyes on such dens and also raided some of them, meanwhile the police got a tipoff that he was seen at the forest area of native village,shortly Station House Officer of Surajpol police station Ram Sumer Meena and his team raided the forest and aprehanded the accused from them.

The accused Lal Singh escaped on December 17th while the grauds were lodging him back to the jail with other inmates, later Sub Inspection Dungar Singh of Reserve Police Line Udaipur have filled a complaint against him uoin which an investigation has been launched by the police based on  his complaint.

The accused is now facing escape charges and is still under police interrogation.



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