Elderly woman abducted, looted for ornament at Udaipur.

An elderly tribal  woman of Savina Kheda area of Udaipur was abducted by unidentified assailants when she went out in fields to defecate late on Wednesday night.

The Police officials from Pratap Nagar police station said that the incidence occurred later on Wednesday night when the victim woman Nathi Bai went in the feilds to defecate. A group of unidentified assilants abducted her in a car from few meters away from her house and flee away towards the N.H 76.

Later that night the accused took Nathi Bai to an isolated area on the highway where they  have snatched the traditional silver ankelates weighing 1 kilogram from her legs and dumped her near Gorband Hotel situated on there and fled away.

Shocked with the incidence the victim woman somehow recollected her senses and managed to reach at Bherunath temple of Debari area by 5 o’clock in the morning, she narrated  the whole scene to the people coming to the temple, upon listening to the woman the residents informed the  police and a FIR has been registered against the unidentified accused based upon the statement of the victim.

It is to be noticed that the elderly women often becomes soft target either for chain snatchers or by robbers who rob them for gold chains or the heavy traditional silver ankelates worn by them.

In a recent incident of loot with an elderly tribal woman that took place at Bhoiyo ki Pancholi village of Udaipur in September the assilants chopped off the legs of the victim Bhanwari Bai (65) for her ornaments and dumped her body in the nearby feild, later the police arrested a trio of accused in connection to her murder



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