Elderly man dies while standing in a bank queue at Udaipur.

A 70 year od man standing in a bank queue died outside a bank in Malwa Chora Village of Udaipur on Thursday police said.
Bhikaram Gharasia who was standinv in the queue suddenly colapsed and died,police added.
The team of Bekriya police station that rushed to the scene upon getting the information later shifted Gharasia’s body to M.B hospital for post-mortem.
Totaram one of the local who was happened to be present their informed DU that the victim man is having an saving bank account at Punjab Nationql Bank Malwa Chora branch and had come there to withdraw some cash from it and was standing in the queue among other since 7 oclock in the morning, due to standing for a long he fainted and fell on the ground, seeing him falling others standing with him hurried to help him but he died on the spot.
Asper Totaram the Punjab National Bank branch at his village is having 30 to 35000 bank accounts with limited resources followimg which the account holders often use to stand in queue since early morning, but than too they have to face the problem of shortage of cash at the bank,the cash everyday comes from Udaipur’s city branch of PNB resulting in delay in banking activities and people has to suffer by standing in queues for hours and this soaring temprature is adding to their problems.
Like others victim Bhikaram was also visiting the branch from last 4 days just to get the amount of his old age pension but was returning empty handed following the alleged irregularities of the bank and when died on Thursday while waiting for his number to come,Totaram added.
The locals in the area got annoyed with the incidence and registered their protest against the incidence, but later they were calmed down by the police and situation was brought in control.
Tje post-mortem of Gharasia’s body was conducted and was handed over to hos famiy members.



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