Eid moon sighted at Chittorgarh ,Udaipur muslims to celebrates Eid tommorow.

Eid ul Fitr to be celebrated across the country tomorrow. 

The festival marks the culmination of fasting and holy month of  Ramdan.

The people of Udaipur will also celebrate the festival of Eid Ul fitr  tomorrow as the Eid moon was sighted at Jaipur,Jodhpur,Ajmer and Chittorgarh area.

Amid all confusion over the moon sighting finally a team consisting of islamic scholars,Imams and members of Anjuman Talemul Islam Udaipur Chapter went to Chittorgarh for the confirm of eid moon that was sighted the by the people out there.

Later the spokesperson of Anjuman Talemul Islam said that with the refrence of Hilal committe it has been confirmed that the festival of Eid Ul Fitr will be celebrated  in Udaipur on Monday.

Rizwan Khan Secretary of A.T.I in a press note issued by them said, the Eid moon was not sighted at Udaipur as the sky was sll covered with clouds, it was sighted at Chittorgarh and the confirmation of its sight was done by tje members of Hilal committe after which the decision to celebrate Eid at Udaipur has beem taken.

The Eid Namaj will be offered at various mosques of the city on Monday  morning.

The timing for the name will be as follows:

Darkhanwari mosque: 7:30 am.

Zahangiri Masjid, Verma Colony : 7:45 am.

Choti Masjid,Savina: 7:45 am.

Badi Masjid,Savina: 8:00 am.

Masjid Mastan Baba Dargah: 8:00 am.

Masjid 80 feet road,Sajjan Nagar:8:00 am.

Masjid Raza Colony,Mullatalia :8:45 am.

Gusiya Colony: 8:45 am.

Masjid Alipura: 8:45 am.

Masjid Dhulibawri:8:15 am.

Masjid Razaye Murshid Nagar: 8:15 am.

Masjid Diwan Shah Colony : Patel Circle.

Masjid Khara Kua,Anjuman : 8:30 am.

Masjid Makarba: 8.30 am.

Jama Masjid,Chamanpura: 8:30 am.

Masjid Bich ki,Silawat wari: 8:30 am.

Uppar ki Masjid,Silawari :8:30 am.

Ayad Eid Gaha: 8:30 am.

Masjid Badi Paltan,Chetak Circle: 8:45 am.

Chille ki Masjid:8:45 am.

Eid Gaha,Purana Station: 9:00 am.



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