Dr Preeti Panwar Solanki received Global Achiever Award for Best Pageant Coach in Dubai.

Udaipur woman Dr. Priti Panwar Solanki brings laurels to her country and her city as well by winning the tittle of Best Pageant Coach in the Milestone Global Acheiver Awards recently held at Dubai.

Besides that she has been crowned as   Personality of United Nations International Paegant  at Jamaica in 2016 and had also won the Mrs India United Nations,also crowned as Mrs.India talented Queen of Substance.

It is a matter pride for the country that she had also remained the jury and mentor of a pretigious competition like Mrs.Global International.

 Solanki while talking to DU said”I am a woman from small city, who had never been to glamour and beauty world but yes I accepted few challanges and proved myself in completely unknown field by winning mrs indian united nations, mrs india most tallented queen and the international crown of ‘Personality United Nations ‘ in 2016″.

“I’m always in quest for self improvement.so after my greatest achievement that is winning ‘Personality United Nations ‘ at Jamaica ,my questions was for me..that what would be the next level”, Solanki added 

My questions was for me..that what would be the next level,and I answered myself that beauty is being best version of yourself which I have achieved ,now my duty is to help other women to be their best version,She said.

Epiphania Phiri from Zimbabwe ,Iris Rodrigouez from London,Nataliya Shelepnytska from Uraine,Susan Turner, Manisha Dangol Shrestha from Nepal,Akshai Abraham from India were also honored during the event along with Dr. Solanki for their excellence in different feilds.

“I was noticed and appreciated much when I became Personality United Nations. And then life changed , I was invited by pageant organizations to coach and to be the jury for their events”, Solanki said.

Solanki is a Management Academician,Inspirational Speaker,Happiness Facilitator and with that she is also a social worker Educational,Health and Enviornment,Children Education and Women Empowernment related projects and conducted workshops for community development.



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