Doctors at Udaipur went on strike for indefinite period, paitents suffered.

The medical and health services of Udaipur has shaken badly as the 500 resident doctors along with 40 senior doctors and 20 special doctors  went on a strike for indefinite  by extending support to the other doctors who called for a state wide protest against Governemnt on Monday.

The pateints have suffered a lot as welo as the situation at the M.B hospital become tensed in the absence of doctors.

While talking to Reporters on Monday evening Dr. Deepa Ram Patel General Secretary of Resident doctors associstion said ” At one side the Governemnt assure the doctors to listen to their demands to fullfill them and at on the other hand it transfers them and also orders action against them which is wrong and is intollarabe”.

He further added that the doctors will be back on work once the government will reconsider its orders against the doctors.

However the senior doctors are putting  their efforts to provide services to the paitents.

Notably M.B hospital is the biggest hospital of the entire division and paitents comming from various adjoining village of Udaipur are facing major problems.



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