DLSA conducts sudden inspection at deaf and dum girl’s hostel, founds irregularities.

The judicial officials of the District Legal Services Authority recommended closer of a hostel for deaf and dumb girl located at Thoor after its team found a huge number of  irregularities at a hostel for deaf and dum girls located at Thoor village of Udaipur during a sudden inspection conducted on Monday.

The  DLSA secretary Ridhima Sharma and her team conducted a sudden inspection at Maa Lakshmi deaf and dumb girls hostel run by an NGO Divyanshi Santhan and an NGO Madhuban run by Priti Sharma Ex- chairperson of Child Welfare Committee (CWC), during the inspection  the team found a huge number of irregularities and also found that the girls are living under unhygienic and pitty conditions.

The got shocked upon finding that two of the former members of CWC has issued two blank sealed forms that were not having any one’s name on them.These forms are issued by CWC for the girls that needs urgent administration and care.

Apart from only 26 girls were found admitted to the facility which is having a capacity of 50 girls, and for which it is getting aide from the social welfare department. 

Only one warden was found at the hostel where as other senctioned positions  including supervisor, clerk, warden, sweeper, caretaker, part time nurse and computer operator were found vacant.
It was also found that the warden was handicap and two of the girls always remain busy lending her services to pull her wheel chair, more over one of the tols the team that the warden has kept them flr own service against Rs.2000 per month as a fee for their services.

The team remained stunned after finding that most of the staff members often remained absent but had claimed their monthly payment on regular basis. 
Ridhima Sharma said that during the inspection the hostel rooms were found in poor condition with broken beds and the wash rooms with no lights, half a kilograms of koliflower was found cooked to be served to 26 girls, along with that a rough register was also found with calculation of amount of grocery items as Rs.3-4 thousand per month but at the same time another register was found at the hostel having a calculation of an amount of Rs.17 to 18 thousand rupees for grocery items.

Besides that against an amount of expenditure of Rs.3.5 lakhs an expenditure  of Rs.17 lakhs has been shown in the year 2018-19 just to claim fake amount from the department.

However following the present situation the DLSA secretary Sharma in her report recommended inquiry against the hostel management also oredered legal action against the CWC members and the grocery seller.



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