District Election Department served notice to Kataria,seeking clearification on his objectionable statement.

By taking cognigence on BJP Leader of Opposition and MLA Udaipur City Gilab Chand Kataria on his recent statement on Muslims The District Election Department on Tuesday issued a notice and summoned an answer from him within next 2 days.

Kataria has give clearification on the notice within 2 days.

He has allegdly given statement against Muslims in a General Meeting held in recent days at Jhadol area of Udaipur,while adressing the people at one side he was asking the people about the country’s partition while at other side he blamed Jhawar Lal Nehru for holding Muslims in the country.

He also said that at the time of country’s partition their were 23% Hindus in Pakistan which has reduced to 2% at present, while the percentage of Muslims in India was 9% at the time of partition which has grown upto 19%.

In his statement Kataria also warned the people that if they have 2 kids and Muslims would have 12 kids than in 70 years India will be distroyed.



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