DGP Kapil Garg visits Udaipur,inspect,reviewed the work of police appreciates them.

Rajasthan DGP Kapil Garg was on his visit to Udaipur on Saturday.
DGP adresses media,spoke about various security measures,reformation and uocoming development work in Udaipur police department.
A day visit of the DGP started at 7 oclock with a parade at Reserve Police Line and moved forward with the inspction of various activities at Police Line.
Besides that he chaired a review meeting regarding Crimes in Udaipur and held at Police Confrence Hall of the Police Line.
While adressing the media Garg said “Today ihavw reviewed the working of Udaipur police their way of redressel of the cases,policing and i am satisified that.Apart from that todays inspection also includes action against Hardcore Criminal and those that are wanted in connection with any case and that is also found satisfactory”.
Talking about night Patrolling Garg said ” Night is another important tool of police department to monitor and control crime,the feedback thay i today got about Night Patrolling is quit exciting, it has improved to great extend as compared to past years and also found satisfactory in our internal assessment.”
“In today’s interaction we a had detailed discussion specially with those policemen that remained deployed somewhere or the other whole year,be it festivals or rally,in winter or summer,due to which they cannot take proper care of their families,they were made aware about the welfare schemes that the Head Quarters provides them for their and their family members including scholarships for their children.They were made aware about their mental and physical health and also about their financial management,Garg said”.
“Besides that the action taken under the provisions of various acts including Arms Act, NDPS Act,IPC act etc were reviewed and were all found satisfactory,said garg,but my focus after all this remained in that the last man in the ques should also get justice,”, Garg said.
“I instructed the sub ordinates to create such an environment that a layman can easy go to a police station and file a complaint fearlessly with a hope to get justice “,added DGP.
Garg further said that along with today he have also reviewed the method of community police and found it also satisfactory.
When Garg was questioned about the increase in crime in the state he said” We were once Colonial police,we served Britishers and not locals,and it was than we adopted that traditional  from there and kept on practising that,if even after 71 years of independence if an financially weak indiviual cannot get his FIR registered is a matter of shame.Now the department is serious towards getting every complaint registered, even our CM also said that he doesn’t can if it would be 4 lakhs complaints but every single complaint should be registered,believe me that Crime is not increasing this the registration of complaint against criminal activities that are increasing.
Referring to the seriousness of registering FIRs when media questioned about negligence in registering FIR in a recent case of Jaipur where an RTO team was attacked and by mafias and taking away of their truck Garg said that he is not having complete knowledge of the incidence but if anyone found negligent in registering a complaint against crime will be punished.
When questioned about increasing rape incidences with minor girls Garg said”Again it is not the incidences of sexual assualt and rape with minor girls that increased, it is their registration that suddenly increased,In year earlier year we think that its bwtter that the victim would not come to the police regarding such incidences but in a recent case it was Banswara Sp herself that went to victim’s house and insisted to file a case against culprits,in another similar that took place at Ajmer it was the police that reached on the spot and made the victim lodged an FIR.
Garg by adding further said”I am proud about such policy pf state government and also on my department that it has efficiently following it,it is not a small thing that Rajasthan is the first state where the government and the police is attempting in such a way that every single person can get his complaint registered,and is this not only a matter of proud for police but also for the people of the state”.
” I have reviewed the entire state on 11th June and it appreciable that the state police has performed extraordinarily in most of the heinous crimes.If we ignore few recent cases than it is 100% success of the state police in redressal of criminal cases that too in record time”,Garg claimed.

He also said “On June 30th i am getting registered from the service and will be among one of the normal citizen,than also want that everything should happen lawfully and remained under control”.



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