Criminals beaware Baal Mitras keeping eye on you.

The concept of ‘Baal Mitra’ introduced by Udaipur police is proving to be fruitfull these days, these Spy Kids in stead of threatening from police have become freinds and assisting the cops in cattering the crime against children.

Girls have also started introducing themselves as Baal Mitras and started sharing information about the suspects,trouble makers and suspicious activities happening around them and even have used their information and took sucessful action.

Station House Officer of Hiran Magri police station  Dr.Hanuwant Singh Rajpurohit told ht that students of government as well as private school of his police station circle has become the Baal Mitras, they are been provided the numbers of the police station to share the information about any criminal activities in their localalities specially those against children.

Singh said that the number of public parks are more in Hiran Magri area, in such a situation these children use to complaint or share information about the people doing wrong activities in these parks and the nearby areas.

By sharing one of the incidence Singh said that his team have recently arrested few eve teasers from near government government schools  with help of information provided by few girl Baal Mitras,he said that police immediately action upon the information of these Baal Mitra so that these kids should faith in them.

In another incidence shared by Station House Officer Amabamata police station Laxman Ram one of the female Baal Mitra  Priyanahi  saved the life of a school boy from stopping from committing suicide,he said that Priyanshi was walking at the Paal of Lake Fatah Sagar when she spotted a minor boy wearing school uniform and sitting near the Paal (Bank) of the lake, she approached her as she noticed that he was in some sort trouble, but as soon as she reached near him he jumped in to the water to commit suicide, but as soon as he jumped she caught his hand stopped him from doing so.

She immediately informed the police team about the incidence, he was later ruahed to the police station where he revealed that he want to commit suicide following an argument with his classmates, later his parents were called at the police station and was handed over to the, SHO added.

The in charge of the Baal Mitra scheme Deputy Sp Chetna Bhati said that it has started with visits of effecient officers like Station House Officers, Inspectors, Assistant Sub Inspectors and other policemen at the government and private schools of the city where they intracted with the students and contact numbers of the police station were shared with them, they were asked to share any problem they were facing during school or at home, if they were tortured, threaten or abused,they were asked to share such incidence with the police through the contact numbers provided to them.

SP Kailash Chandra Bishnoi said”The initiative proven to be a success, it has gained respect for police among the children, many student got connected with us and use to share information of any suspicious activities occuring around them.recently given them Traffic Management,we have  made them visit police stations and boosted their cconfidence “.



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