Couple killed by cousins in a knife attack ovet land dispute.

A 42 year old Farmer Bansi Lal Meena anf his wife Laxmi Meena were stabbed to death while Bansi’s parents were left injured by their own cousins over a property dispute at Ghudi village of Rishabhdeo area of Udaipur on late Sunday night.

After being informed about the double murder the Station House Officer of Rishabhdeo police station arrived at the village for investigation.

Both the accused were killed by a trio of brothers Ramesh, Dhashrath and Prakash that lives in the same locality, SHO said.
Both the parties were embroiled in an argument over a small piece of land, on Sunday night Bansi’s family members had an argument with the accused, listening to the argument Bansi who was than sleeping inside the house came out and interviened, the moment he interffered into the matter the accused first started absuging him later attacked him.and his wife with sharp knife, the attack was so intense that Bansi’s wife Laxmi (40) got killed on the spot while he succumbed to his injuries at the hospital during treatment, SHO added.

Listening to the screams of couple when Bansi’s parents  rushed for help the accused attacked them too, later they fled the scene leaving all the victims including Bansi Lal his wife Laxmi, mother Rameshi Devi and father Ramji Meena.

A case has been registered against Ramesh, Dhasrath, Prakash and their wives and the hunt is on, while postmortem of the dead bodies of the deceased couple has been done and handed over to their relatives.



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