Couple arrested for stripping, beating, branding a minor girl with iron rod, cigarette at Rajsamand

A couple has been arrested by the Rajsamand police for allegedly branding a 7 year old girl with iron rod and cigarette On Friday.

The incidence came to light later when a video clip of the brutal incidence got viral on social media.

The occurred at Bhim village of Rajsamand on Friday morning when the minor girl was first stripped, beaten and was branded with a hot iron rod by her a couple wo were relatives of her father and with whom she was staying after her mother died.

It was when the video clip reached to the representatives of Child Line an organization work for child protection, they reached at the village and inquired about the incidence and than brought the incidence to the notice of police.

The villagers claimed that even than also the matter was not taken seriously and the girl was made to sit the police station for hours, it was when the officials of District Legal Service Authority Rajsamand and ADJ Narendra Kumar interferred i to the matter than the investigation was started. The victim girl was medically examined and was shifted to the Child Welfare Committee’s Office and kept at the shelter home.

According to the police one Kishan Singh (40) and his wife Rekha relatives of her father’s relatives were arrested for assaulting her.

According to police the girl was often beaten, tortured and the even her nails were ploughed by the accused coupled, she was staying with them since her mother died and her father got married to other woman and was staying at Surat and left her to sray with them.

The President of Child Welfare Committee Bhawana Paliwal said that the accused couple made the minor girl work at the home, clean the floor, wash utensils and when ever she make any petty mistake she was beaten by the couple brutally. They even sprinkled red chilli powder on the private parts of the victim girl.

Reacting on the incidence MP Rajsamand Diya Kumari tweeted “I really condemned the inaction of the administration and expect strong action”.

She also tweeted the administration didn’t took any action even after such an inhuman incidence and the minor girl was made to wait for 8 hours at the police station”.



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