Coronavirus row: updates.

The Medical and the health department of Udaipur is under a tense situation after one of the doctor of a private hospital of Bhilwara  district had been found positive reports of Coronavirus.

This doctor of Bangad hospital of Bhilwara  has stayed at Udaipur  for three days from 15th March to 17th March in a resort.

Seeing that the resort has been seized and its compound has been disinfected by the administrative team on Saturday and screening has been conducted in the nearby this resort by rapid action force, said CMHO Dinesh Kharadi.

Along that  two of the paitents referred from Bhilwara  has been admitted to the isolation ward  of M.B hospital, he added.

The  administration had taken a seigh of relief as not a single foreign that stayed in Udaipur has been found with positive reports for Corona virus. But than too the teams are still doing disfection of all those places where these foreigners has visited during previous days, said CMHO.

The  total sampling till Saturday has gone up to 28 as 3 more samples has been taken one from Chittorgarh and three from Udaipur including a girl.But all were found with negative reports, said Dr.R.L Suman of M.B hospital.

Besides that a man with positive report has been admitted to the isolation ward after  he has been referred from Pratapgarh.

Notably 30 samples were taken at Bhilwara out of which 11 were found with positive reports including doctor’s wife.



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