Congress demands not to deploy scout guides influenced by BJP at polling booths.

An incidence of members of Rasthriya Sewak Sang (RSS) providng services to the senior citizens and others on the polling day possing as scout guides and motivating them to cast their votes in favour of BJP came to light and Udaipur.

Spokes person of Udaipur Sheher Zila Congress Law department Bharat Ramanuj informed that scout guides will lend their services to the senior citizens and disabled people on the polling day at various polling centers within Udaipur Lok Sabha Consituency,but during the last Vidhan Sabha Election it was found that the RSS members dressed as scout guides were lending services to the people and motivating them to vote for BJP,the same has been shared with the Circle Magistrate with nothing happened.
In addition to that students of RSS favouring schools were also deployed as scout guides during last Vidhan Sabha Election which has influenced the people,seeing we have raised a demand infront of the Election Commision that all such baised scout guides should not be allowed to lend their services at polling boths,Ramanuj said.



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