Cobra rescued from the district collector’s car in Udaipur

A 2.5 foot long snake was rescued from the engine of the district collector Udaipur Chetanram Deora’s car on Tuesday evening.

The snake a cobra, was trapped in the narrow space between the engine and the dashboard frame, said the founder of Wild Animal Rescue Center Chaman Singh Chauhan which rescued the venomous reptile.

The snake scrolled over to the engine while Deora’s car an SUV was parked inside the Udaipur Collectorate on Tuesday evening and he was busy with his work.

Asper Chaman the rescue operation lasted for around an hour as his team has to rush the car to the nearby garage where they opened the dashbord and started finding the reptile.

Chaman said that it was a police constable who called him for the rescue after spotting the snake while he was scrolling on one the wheel of the car, but before he reached there it entered inside the engine.
However the snake was rescued and released by Chaman and his team at a safe place later during the night.

The collector was contacted but he didnot answer the call.



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