Bride abduction case: 5 including the key accused arrested from Jaipur.

Police arrested 5 people including the alleged lover of a Udaipur bride from Jaipur and other districts late night of Tuesday for kidnaping her and beating off the groom minutes after thier marrige.

The key accused identified as Priyank Jingar one of bride Vintia Suthar’s neighbours and alleged lover has been nabbed at Jaipur while other involved in the crime with Jingar were detained from Chittorgarh and Bhilwara districts by the police later on Tuesday night,said Sp Kailash Chandra Bishnoi.
The other arrested were identified as Punit Nagda, Harish Patel,Vijay Singh Rajput and Uday Singh Chauhan residents of Udaipur and Chittorgarh.
Sp Kailash Chandra Bishnoi while addressing a press confrence on Wednesday said” We have arrested the accused of kidnapping and also rescued the victim, though both the accused and the victim were in s relationship from last few years but in her recent statement the bride Vinita said that she want to stay with her husband shitij and the accused had took her away by emotionally blackmailing her, on the basis of her statement all 6 accused including the key accused Priyank were arrested and booked under the charge of kidnaping “.
In her statement the victim woman also said that she and the accused were having plans to get married but as it was her brother’s marrige they cannot execute their plans,but as time passes her tought changes and she decided not to get married with accused,but on Tuesday the accused once again emotionally blackmailed her and convinced her for elopment with him.
The custody of the victim woman was handed over to her relatives while the accused are under interrogation,Sp added.
The bride Vintia Suthar a resident of Titdi area of Udaipur got married to Shitij Sharma of Bhatyani Chohatta area Chintaman ji ki Badi on Monday night, later in the night when couple left for their home in their car tje accused intercepted them and took the bride away with them after thrashing the groom and smashing his car, as soon as the information of the incidence spread a huge number of grooms community along with members of RSS and Congress Party first gathered on the spot and later encircled the HiranMagri police station demanding action against the accused.
The case took a new turn when a 2 page letter with the name of the bride Vinita on it got viral on social media, in the letter the bridf allegedly highlighted that she has taken the decision wisely and no body forced her to do so,it further mention that she either want to be be with Priyank or at home for ever but her parents so listening to her.
While talking about the letter of the bride Sp Kailash Chand said that she has made it clear that she had written the letter on the behest of the accused Priyank two months back.
However the police was in a lookout for the accused and the bride following which they nabbed them from Jaipur,Chittorgarh and Bhilwara and also recovered the bride.
According to police Vinita and Priyank were having plans to elope from Beauty Parlour but they didnt succeded, later they planned something else but cannot execute that,finally they hetched a fake kidnaping scene and wwmr away, police also learnt that Vintia and her husband Shitij got engaged witj other 2 years back but the accused Priyank than too came between them,but later Priyank assured Shitij that he was would stay away from them,moreover Priyank and Vinita has allegedly went to Udaipur Municipal Corporation to file thier marrige papers but their parents caught them there.
Groom Shitij informed the police that it was when they stopped at Bheruji Temple near Savina Railway crossing to offer prayers,there were a minor girl and driver im their car, as soon as they moved from temple 2 bikers intercepted their car soon a car i20 also came having 4 other people in it including Priyank, they took Vintia away,when he protested they thrashed him with hockey sticks and also smashed his car with it.
Police is however questioning them further in relation to their crime,the car used in the crime has been sezied and the accused are under police interrogation.
On the other hand Leader of Opposition BJP and Ex Home Minister of Rajasthan Gulab Chand Kataria reacted on both Alwar Gang Rape and Udaipur’s kidnaping incidence on Tuesday.
In his statement he said “It is a shameful incidence and more shameful is that the government has suppressed the incidence,the gang rape occured on 26 April,its information reached to Sp on 30th April and the case has been registered on 2nd May but the matter was kept in dark either by the government or by any of its official under pressure of conducting both the phases of Lok Sabha Election.
By slaming the CM Ashok Gehlot Kataria said that it is a matter of shame also as the condition of the department was such whose head is CM himself, i think CM should take a note of the situation and should ensure the people of Rajasthan for strict action against yje culprits of the gang rape.
By talking about Udaipur’s bride kidnaping case Kataria said that” It is a matter lf concern that a bride has been kidnapped and even after hours of the incidence the matter is not resloved that shows that the state is getting weaker in the law and order situation and that too when CM himsef is the head of the department.



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