Big Bazar seized for not having proper Fire safety measures.

The Udaipur Municipal Corporation(UMC) on Saturday morning seized one of the retail store of Big Bazar at Suhaidiya Circle area for lack of mandatory fire safety meaaures and no objection certificates for the same.

The concern which has been seized for a period of 3 months will be allowed to open only if it will submit the requried documents for fire safety measures,said Karimuddin Deputy Town Planner Udaipur Municipal Corporation.
Karimuddin told DU”After Surat Fire incidence at a coaching institute we have got strict orders from the state government to identified and to take action against any such cocerns and organisation operating without proper Fire Safety Equipments and NOC, following the instruction we have conducted a survey we have so identified 282 such organisations and had also served notices to them, but when even after prior notices no action was taken by the establishments we have started seizing them”.
“In this series on Saturday we have seized the retial store of one of the biggest retial chains Big Bazar at Udaipur, while in a similar action had been taken on Friday against another store a retials chain of India Vishal Mega Mart”.
Karimuddin led the operation along with the team of fire department of UMC where UMC Jalj Sehja the Fire Officer was also present on the scene.
Notably the state government came in action against  such organisations that continue operating without proper safety measures and issued orders for that after the major fire incidence that occured at a coaching center at Surat city of Gujarat where more than 9 students burnt to death and around 40 got severely injured after jumping over from the building in an attempt to save themselves from fire.



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  • Punit July 29, 2019 at 4:47 am

    All news reports are very informative.
    It would be better if date is also written on top of the report.