Be carefull before buying Fastag online,fastag of Udaipur active at Chennai.

Everyone is seems to be confused over payment of toll fee through Fastag but now the incidences of online fraud through Fastag has also been started. 

One of such incidence came to light on Monday where one Ramesh Suthar of Gayrivas area of Udaipur has been cheated as amount of toll fee is getting deducted frim his bank account associated with Paytm even when was not purchased a Fastag and not even travelling on a highway.

The amount of toll fee is getting deducted as the Fasttag associated with his car number and Paytm account has been alloted to someone else and it is active somewhere in Chennai.

Ramesh told that he has placed an online order to purchase a Fastag and that time he provided his car number to link it with the Fastag on 29th November,upon not receiving the Fastag even after a long time Ramesh cancelled the order on his Paytm account on 11th December and the Paytm even refunded his money.

But it was when he at reached at  Negredia Toll Plaza of the district to buy a Fasttag and discovered that the Fastag accosiated with his car has already issued to someone else and is in use, Ramesh added.

Following the information he contact the Paytm costumer care on 18th December to file a complaint and he was assured by them that the Fastag ordered by him was wrongly dispatch to   someone else and it would blocked within 4 days, but even after that Rs.60 was deducted from his account as Toll Fee from Vanagram Toll Plaza of Chennai on 20th December, Ramesh added.

Since than he was i touch with the Paytm Customer Care but the Fastag is still not deactivated with last 12 days, now the victim is concerned that if the Fasttag associated with his car can be used during activity and if it happen than he will be in trouble, Ramesh said. 



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