ATS arrests two men with Rs.1.2lakhs fake notes.

The Anti Terrorism Squad (ATS) Udaipur has no Tuesday evening nabbed two men from the city and seized Indian currency notes with a face value of Rs.1.20 lakhs from their possesion.
Additional Sp ATS Udaipur Anjana Sukhwal told that the accused were nabbed by her team while they were carrying bundles of currency notes of denomination of Rs.500 and were heading towards Neemuch to circulate them in the market.
Sukhwal said that ATS Constable Tejendra Singh received specific information about the accused carrying fake currency notes,Singh was informed by his sources that two accused will pass Chittorgarh on an Royal En-filed motor bike and will head towards MP with fake currency notes, reacting on the information.
The two accused were intercepted by ATS on Highway,fake currency notes were recovered from their possession with denomination of Rs.500.
The accused that were identified as Narayan Sen and Sattu Sen residents of Gangrar village, both were later transported to Chanderia police station of Chittorgarh and were booked under several sections of IPC,Sukhwal added.
During the initial interrogation the police learnt that the notes that are 241 in numbers of Rs.500 are scanned and are carrying same numbers.
However police is now interrogating the accused further about the printing of the notes and also about others involved in the racket,Adsp informed.



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