Armed robbers looted cash Rs. 40 lakhs from Axis Bank at Chittorgarh

Armed robbers looted Rs.40 lakhs from the a branch of Axis Bank at Nimbahera area of Chittorgarh on gun point on Saturday afternoon.

The incidence occurred on Saturday morning at around 11 am, on Udaipur -Nimbahera road near Sneh Hospital, said Inspector General of Police Udaipur range Satyaveer Singh.

The robbers who entered the bank and took all the customers and staff members of the bank on gun point were 5 in number. The accused opened an air fire inside the bank, entered inside the cash counter to collect the cash, they hit the cashier with their gun on his head, picked up all the cash lying in the cash counter and fled away in a car which was parked few meters away from the bank, IG added.

Before leaving the bank the accused also took away a gold chain from a woman sitting there inside the bank and also snatched Rs. 10000 from a man.

The cashier sustained head injuries during the incidence after which he was rushed to a local hospital, later the police was informed about the incidence following which a team from Nimbahera and Kotwali police stations rushed to the scene and launched an investigation into the matter.

“Our investigation is underway, we have found some leads about the accused, we have also launched Nakabandi (Road Barricading in the entire division and at all the border areas, the hunt for the accused who were initially said to be 5 in numbers has been started, we are also scanning the Cctv cameras installed in the area and at all the Toll plazas in the division and efforts for the arrest of the accused are still going on and me too is going on the scene to take the stock of the situation”, said IG Satyaveer Singh.



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