Archerz Mrs India season-II to be held at Jaipur,auditions on.

Auditions for the beauty pageant Archerz Mrs India 2018 which provides a platform to married women to display their poteintial in the field  of fashion will be held across the country this years while the Grand Finale will be organised at Jaipur.

Arches Mrs India Founder Tushar Dhaliwal told media that this pageant will give a chance the married women to prove the world that even if they are married they can achieve hieghts in the arena of fashion by showing thier caliber.

This will also let the women to persue thier dreams,he added.

Arches Mrs India’s President Archana Tomar while talking to media informed that it will be the second season of the pagent as the first season was held at Mumbai, the auditions are going on at variouscitiesofthecountryincluding Jaipur,Delhi,Ahemedabad  Hydrabad,Noida,Lucknow,Guwahati and Bangluru while the Grand Finale  will be held on 3rd May at Jaipur.

The auditions are divided into 2 catagories.the first catagory includes the contestants ageing between 22 to 35 years whereas the second catagory includes the  contestants ageing between 35 to 50 years.

Archana Tomar, Tushar Dhariwal and few of thier associates with a motive to promote women empowernment to give a platform to the housewives and other working women to showcase their talent in world of fashion  came up with concept of Archerz Mrs India few years back.

Archana Tomar is a well known fashion designer and winner  of Mrs North Central Asia & Mrs Universe Generous Brand in 2009, while Tushar is associated with Viscera events.



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