Anushka Sharma spends a day at Animal shelter at Udaipur.

Anushka Sharma the Bollywood actor has showed a diffrent side of her life on Wednesday by spending a day with the rescused animals at Animal Aid Udaipur.

By sharing her expreince Anushka wrote in Insragram: spend the day at Udaipur’s rescue and shelter,@animalaid_india.Some really incredible work is being done by Jim,Erika,Claire,Neha,Raj and others.Please do visit place or donate towards the efforts being done by them for animals.

Anusha is famous for her animal love and always wanted to do something for rescued animals.Keeping that in mind she had visited the animal shelter siuated at Udaipur’s Badi village and spend her day between the animals and their care takers.

During her visit to ghe shelter she had discussed  verious important aspects and the challenges faced by them while dealing with the animals.

Later she congratulated the whole team of the shelter house and appreciated their efforts and the cause for which they are devotig their time.

On the other hand the team shelter house also got stunned with the surpirse visit of the actor and had later had a great time with her.



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