Anjali Rajoria becomes Municipal Commisioner of Udaipur.

Udaipur will see a new Municipal Commisioner taking charge as the state government has transferred 21IAS and 16 IPS Officers on Wednesday night.

As per the administrative orders the former Municipal Commisioner Sidharth Sihag is being transffered and he is being replaced by Anjali Rajoria.

After the new district Collector Anandi Kumari Rajoria is the second lady officer of the district, she was earlier served as SDO Gogunda and also remained the SDO Ajmer.

While serving as SDO Gogunda Rajoria has worked specially for women empowernment, thier hygine and she also against the illegal mining and transportation of Bajri.

Notably 129 IAS Officers has been transffered so far in last 20 days.



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