Angry over murder mob pelted stones on police team,torched vehicles at Zawar Mines.

Angry over the murder of one Ramesh Patel the people of Patel community on Monday pelted stones on police and even torched some of their vehicles when they tried to dispurse them.

The incidence occured on Monday when the police tried to control a group women protesting by blocking the highway at Piladar area under Zawar Mines circle.The women started pelting stones on the police team and other present on the scene torched some police vehicles.

The people of the area were continuosily pressurising the police for the arrest of the Acc after one Ramesh Patel of their village was killed by unidentified accused,following this people in huge number gathered at Jhariyana Bypass road on Monday morning and staged a protest,when police tried to convience them not to create ruckus some among the protesters got angry and started pelting stones on the police and set the police vehicles on fire,however police has to discharge mild Lathi Charge to dispurse the mob.

Inspector General of Police Udaipur range Binita Thakur when question about the incidence she told DU” The situation is tensed at the village,SP Udaipur Kailash Chandra Bishnoi reached on the spot to asses the actual situation, he will listen to the demands of the villagers and will try to fulfill it and will take action accordingly”.
Notebly deceased Ramesh was missing from his house from four days and his body was recovered on Friday  from the forest near Jaisamand Wildlife Century,knowing about thier man’s death the people of the Patel community got annoyed and started protesting for the demand to arrest the accused.

Few suspects were arrested by the police in connection with the incidence later that night but despite that the people kept on demonstrating by saying that they were not the actual accused of Patel’s murder and police has arrested wrong people.
Upon getting the information of the incidence heavy police force has been deployed in the area,Additional Sp Rural Dashrath Singh along with various other police officials went to the scene to tackle the situation.

The situation in the area is still tensed and the markets remained shut,additional police force is being stationed in the area.



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