Accused of vehicle lifting who arrested by police and tested positive for Covid-19 virus fell from hospital building in a bid to escape.

Man that was arrested by the police  in a case of 2 wheeler lifting hurt himself in a bid to escape from Udaipur Pacific hospital  where he was qurantined after he was tested positive for Covid-19 disease.
Deputy Sp Rajiv Joshi said that the accused who was kept at the Pacific hospital Umerda after he was tested positive for Covid-19 disease while attempting to flee from the facility slipped and had fell from the forth floor of the building, however he sustained only minor injuries during the incidence.
The man identified as Sunil Vishnoi was arrested by the Hiran Mangri police of Udaipur from Jodhpur in connection from a vrhicle lifting case, later his sampling was done and his report was found positive for Covid-19 disease and 2 of the policemen also became positive after coming in contact with him, Joshi added.
The man was kept at the isolation ward of Pacific Hospital Umerda located on the 6th floor of the building with other accused tested positive for Covid -19 disease, on Thursday night he asked the gaurd to take him to the toilet, he tried to get down from the building using the pipe but after reaching at the 4th floor he loss his grip on the pipe and had fell down on the ground and hurt one his leg, he was again caught and was shifted to ESI Hospital of Udaipur. 



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