About Daily Udaipur

We strive to provide the latest information about happenings to our viewers to keep them updated about our city.

We Daily Udaipur is the only Online News website that provides the latest updates about various happening in our city be it crime,sports,events,mishaps,bussiness,issues,festivals etc.

We being a local News Website of Udaipur focus on providng the information about the day today happening and intresting facts and incidences occuring in Udaipur and the nearby area.

Apart from serving our viewers the latest updates of the city DU also strives to bring feature stories,success stories,Interviews of Adminitrative officials and Acheivers of the city or those who are known for something they have unique In thier lives,DU is also a platform to promote brands,organisations,events.

DU was being launched in 2016 by the then District Collector Mr.Rohit Gupta and is the only one such online News Website with the name of Daily Udaipur and it also have its official FB page and Youtube channel with this name.

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