A trio injured in a Panther attack at Singatwada area.

The Zawar Mines area of Udaipur is gripped by fear of Panther since Monday morning when a Panther attacked a couple at a farm house situated at Chachuri Fala village of the area and fled away after the incidence, the villagers got afraid and were all in fear for their lives, but the Panther encounters are not stopping in the area as in less than 24 hours another similar incidence came in light at Singatwada village of the area on Tuesday morning where a trio of villagers were targeted by another Panther in a farm after they shouted by seeing them at their farm.


But it soon a huge numbers of villagers rushed for the rescue of the victims and the beast fled away from the scene by seeing the people chasing him.
Soon a team of local police station as well as of the forest department rushed to the scene and initiated the rescue operation.


Later the victims were rushed the hospital for treatment of their wounds whereas the rescue operation is still on.

Panther attack



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