600 kgs Silver ornaments seized by ATS and Local Cops ar Nathdwara, accused arrested.

Ever since tje model code of conduct is in vogue as much as 600 kgs of unaccountable silver articles were seized by a joint team of Anti Terrorism Squad (ATS) and Rajsamnd police for cars on Wednesday,police has also arrested one in connection to the crime.

The Station House Officer Jitendra Anchaliya informed that the ATS Inspector Shyam Singh Ratnu and his team on Wednesday received a tipoff that someone is carrying a huge quantity of illegal silver articles and is avout to smuggle it somewhere at Gujarat, upon receiving the information tje ATS team send an alert to the local police station, following which a road barricading was launched at Raj Nagar and Nathdwara border,as soon as the suspected car was seen approching the police team it was stopped for checking.

Anchaliya further said that when questioned about his journey the driver of the car informed police that he was carrying some silver articles with him in the car from Agra and was to diliver it to Rajkot,when questioned further the accused driver also revealed about another car commuting in the same route with silver articles, the details of the car was shared among the police and it was also nabbed on the route with silver articles,the silver in both cars is toghter weighing around 600 kg and costing in lakhs of rupees.

Upon aking both the occupants of the car could not produce any documents in their support after which the articles were seized under section 102 Crpc and both of them were booked, the police later informed the Income Tax and Sales Tax Departments about the incidence, Anchaliya said.

Those arrested were identified as Dhiru Bhai,Rasik Bhai,Sachun Badoliya, AkshayGiri and Munna Bhai all residents of Rajkot and Junagarh.

All are under course of questioning and the officials of Income Tax and Sales Tax Departments are interrogating them further in relation to such a huge quantity of silver articles.



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