51 quacks arrested by police for operating clinics illegally at Dungarpur.

The Dungarpur police on Friday evening conducted a crackdown in quacks and arrested as many as 51 imposters from various parts of Dungarpur district that were operating their clinics in city and the nearby villages since last 15 years.

Different teams of district police raided more than 30 clinics at around 5.30 pm on Friday, said Station House Officer of Kotwali Police Station Chandmal Sanagaria.

Chandmal said that during the raids when the documents were verified most of them were found operating their clinics without any degree upon which they are arrested,more over one of the accused was found wearing a suit to dupe the people by possing as a doctor,He first misleaded the police by possessing as a doctor but was later arrested when could not present any supporting documents.

Superintendent of Police Dungarpur has constituted a special team for the crackdown on quacks out of which 10 of them were arrested by the district special team while 6 of the quacks were arrested by Kotwali police station,2 of the quacks were arrested by Sadar police station,4 of them were arrested by Dowra police station,2 by Bichiwara police station,4 were arrested by Dhambola police station,4 were arrested by Ramsagra police station,4 arrested by Sagwara police station,4 were arrested by Aspur,1 was arrested by Varda police station and Chibri police station arrested 7 quacks, and 5 of the accused were arrested by Sabla police station.

Chandmal further said that during  the raids one Rohit Patidar of Thana was arrested from Thana Baby Care Clinic, Lokesh Meena from Patela Mahaveer Clinic, Vasant Lal Meda,Mohan Vishwas a resident of West Bengal was arrested from Monasa Ayurved Clinic, Devi Lal Thana resident of Kherwara,Sawan Bhagora was arrested from Star Gujarati  Clinic.

Those arrested from Simbalwara includes Bijit Roy from Kolkata, Amit Roy, Sarujit Mandal and Audhidas Roy from West Bengal,while those arrested from Aspur includes Vishnudev Pandit from Bihar, Dinesh Mandal from West Bengal, Pintu and Shyam Lal Mandal, Chandmal added.

The other arrested includes Nemi Chand Sharma of Sawaimadhopur, Anant Vishwas from West Bengal,Surojit Haldar, Raju Vishwas, Shailesh Bhai Patel, Sujit Kumar Bose, Alok Vishwas.

Chandmal said that these people were staying here from last 15 years and operating their clinics,they were arrested for risking the lives of the people by treating them illegally without having any degree, however all were booked under various sections of IPC and are still police interrogation, police is also in a lookout for those that fled the scene at the time of raids.

The police will submit its report to the the district collector after which the Medical and Health department can seize the clinics and medicines used by the accused for treating the paitents, Chandmal said.



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