Bike borne accused looted 85k from a woman at Fatahpura.

In an incidence of broad day light loot that took place at Fatahpura area of the city on Tuesday afternoon the miscreants snatched a bag Rs.85000 in cash from a middle aged woman by throwing chili power into  her eyes. 

Later she informed the police and filed a case at Ambamata police station against unknown accused.
The incidence took place on Tuesday when one Mitali Pahuja a resident of Saheli Nagar was heading towards Union Bank at Fatahpura on her scooter and was carrying Rs.85000 cash and few cheques in her bag. While she reached few meters from het house a man came in front of her vehicle, she immediately stopped her vehicle just to avoid colliding with him, but before she can under the situation another bike borne man came closer to Mitali and snatched her bag by throwing chili powder into her eyes and both the accused flee away from the scene on their bike, said police.
Once again a woman has been targeted in the city raising a question that are the women not safe in the city, or the department had to take some major actions to ensure their safety as these every now and than women were either targeted by accused for cash or for their ornaments worn by them, in a recent  incidence an elderly was abducted and looted by car borne accused for the silver anklets she wad wearing in her legs.
However police on getting the information of the mishap has launched a road check at all the major circles and exits of the city, besides that the cops has also questioned a number suspects in relation to the incidence of the day light loot.



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