Foreigners nabbed for stealing Rs. 80k new currency notes

A group of 4 Irani residents were arrested by Udaipur police on Tuesday night with new currency notes in their custody, though the police is still not revealing the identity  of the yet.

According to credible sources on Tuesday night the cops of  Parsad police station nabbed 4 Iranis on suspicion, during a road check at Parsad highway, upon checking of their cloths and luggage the cops has allegedly recovered Rs. 80000 new currency notes , when questioned about the amount the foreigners cannot give any satisfactory answers.

The arrested men were rushed to Udaipur for further interrogation about the possession of such a big amount of  new currency notes, during the initial course of interrogation the arrested men revealed that they have stolen the cash Rs. 80000 from a currency exchange counter situated at Hyderabad 3 days back.

They started talking to the man sitting at the counter and picked up the cash from there, they revealed.

Sources suggested that the new currency notes were seized and  interrogation of the arrested accused continued till wee hours on Tuesday.

However the police has yet not confirmed the arrest of the foreigners and even SP Rajendra Prasad Goyal also denied to have any knowledge  about any such incidence



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