Setting an exampl of brotherhood, Muslims makes effigies of Ravana for Dussehra , Hindus makes Tajiya.

Though the political parties are viewing the Hindu and Muslim communities as their votes banks but in people of both the communities are setting a new example of brotherhood these days in Udaipur.

Shakir Ali a Muslim  artisan from  Mathura is making effigies of demon king Ravana, his brother and son from more 2 decades  for one of the most auspicious Hindu festival  Dusshera.
Shakir along  with his team is preparing the 70 feet tall effigies of Ravana’s family here at Udaipur from almost last one month.

Shakir informed DU that he is into this proffesional since years and had  made the effigies  of Ravana’s family at more that 4 states before Udaipur, despite being a Muslim he work hard for making the effigies  of Ravana and his brother and is also being appreciated by the citizens , he also believes that the differences between the 2 communities are all created by the political parties for their benefits.
Where at one side Muslims are involved in making effigies  for Hindus on the other hand their one the group of Hindu men being involved in making Tajiyas for Muslims for the month of Moharram.

This is considerable that Muslim people is about to observe Moharrams on 12th October and following that Tajiya making is going on at all the Muslim colony’s , in such a situation Laxmi Lal Siklikar a Hindu artist is putting his efforts to make it a remarkable occasion for Muslims.
In the efforts to keep the lakes clean and to obey the orders of High court the Muslim people decided to come up with an Eco friendly Tajiya. Following that this year they hired Laxmi Lal Siklikar to make the Tajiya, The Tajiya will decorated with 30 kilograms of Silver.
Laxmi Lal is working day and night give his best to make the unique Tajiya. The Tajiya will not be immersed in water.
Mohan Lal Soni one of the representative of Laxmi’s team said that these are not only unique examples of brotherhood but also a lesson for all those political parties that use to exploit the people on the basis of their community.



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