24 suspects detained by police from 2 villages.

Under a special operation initiated by S.P Rajendra Prasad Goyal more than 24 suspects were detained by the teams of cops from two different village of the district, all the detained are having their involvement in the incidences of Loot,Theft and Burglary.

SP Goyal informed that two teams had been formed by him to identify the suspects, one team was led by Adsp Rural ChandraSheel Thakur and other was led by Dysp Girwa Ranu Sharma.

Chandrasheel along with more than 100 policemen had raided the Gamdapaal village of Salumber area on Tuesday Night and has detained 14 suspects during the raid.
On the other hand Ranu Sharma team has detained 10 suspects from the Kalibheet village of Lasadia police station circle.Around a consignment of 125 policemen ,3 Dysps and SHO of more than 10 police stations has encircled the 2 villages and has checked each house, Sp said.
Police was in search of a huge number of accused in connection with the various incidences of Loot,Theft and Burglary.
While talking to DU Adsp Thakur said that he was getting inputs about few residents of Gamdapaal village for being involved in the incidences of Loot, Theft and other crime, following his team started verifying the information and started keeping eyes on their activities and on Tuesday night nabbed them after getting the informed confirmed.
On the other hand Dysp Ranu Sharma had conducted raids at Kalibheet village on Tuesday night and has detained 50 suspects after getting their names for being involved in  the incidence of loot recently committed at a house of Kurabad village.
All the suspects are still under police interrogation and the investigating team is still to unfold more cases of theft and other crime.
This is considerable that this operation is considered as a major  operation is police where more that 24 suspects were detained In a night, before this a similar massive action was initiated by the then SP Dinesh MN.



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