Strike of Sarafa continues, written blood letters.

The  Sarafa Merchants remianed on strike even on 11th day, the annoyed Sarafa merchants on Friday demonstrated their anger against the proposed Excise Duty by conducting a signature drive with thier blood.

On the 11th day of the strike the Dinesh Bhatt BJP District President has joined the protest and has also supported the signature drive of the protestors by signing with his blood, on this occasion Jinendra Shastri of BJP was also present during the protest.
By continuing their protest against the Excise Duty the Sarafa Marchants kept thier shops closed on 11 days agianst the demand of reconsidering the decision of imposing Excise Duty.
The protestors staged a protest at Ghantaghar area of the city and also called slogans against the Government.
This is considerable that the protesting merchants are adopting unique ways of demonstrating agianst the Government’s decision and in that series they have sold vegetables in the prominent markets of the city posing themselves as vegetable vendors.
The President of Sarafa Association Udaipur Inder Singh Mehta said that the protest will continue till the Government will reconsider its decision.



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