People perticipating in anti NCR,CAA threatened to stop protesting.

People perticipating in an anti NRC rally were attacked by a group of people which threaten name to stop protesting against the act and also tored the posters banner and other promotion material.

They also defamed the national flag and Premable of the constitution.
The incidence occured on Sunday afternoon  at Bhatewar and Kheroda area of Udaipur,the ralley that started from Town Hall area of Udaipur  headed towards to Dabok village, but as as they reached near Bhatewar village of the district few people misbehaved with them, they threatened they to stop protesting against NRC and CAA and also snatched the posters,banners and tored them, they broken the national flag and also tored the a copy of preamble of constitution.

Saurabh Naroka State Committee member of CPIM of Udaipur  said”We are protesting against the NCR and CAA as we belive they are against our constition and the Citizenship Act of 1955,as under these provisions the government is talking about Citizenship on the  basis of Religion,in this regard we have started iur campaign as a district level rally which started today from townhall and was to conclude at Ambetkat Circle on 26th January, during that today when we reached near Bhatewar village first around 20 people came to us and started threating us by saying that we use to live in India and praise Pakistan, they also said that your all were Muslims,they were talking  by dividing society in Hindus and Muslims, but replied that we are people that belive in country’s constitution, if you will support NRC than it will effect the life of Dalits and Adiwasi people as 19 lakhs people has been exclude, but they were not ready to listen to us and they started abusing us, they tored the posters, broke the national flag and even tored the copy of preamble of constitution stick on the front of our vehicle”.

But as we moved ahead another group stopped  us at Kheroda and misbehaved with us and also threatened us for life, Naroka added.

“It is an attack on contitution,it is against the 130 crores people  of the country and we want action against the culprits,we are not afraid of any one and the action will not be taken soon than we will stage a massive protest and the administration will be held responsibility for that”, Naroka said.

A Human Rights Activist, PR.Salvi of Bahujan Kranti Morcha,and driver of the the Jeep Shankar was there with Naroka during the entire scene. 



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