Labourers Suffocated to death while working on an under construction sewage plant,leader of opposition blames UMC.

Four people including two labours working at an under construction  sewage under Smart City Project got suffocated to death at Manwakehra area near Government school at Udaipur on Wednesday morning.

According to the information the incidence occured when two labours working at an under construction sewage treatment plant under Smart City Project,both of them  went inside the sewage plant and got stuck inside it,two other persons also went inside the plant to help them and to pull them out but they all  remained inside the plant and choked to death.

As the information there is an electric pole near the site where the labours were workings and a electric line of 11 KV is passing near it,unaware of the electric line the labourers entered inside the sewage plant and got electrocuted.

However the actual cause of death is sstill not clear, as soon as the information reaches to officials they rushed to the scene and intiated the rescue operations however it got delayed following continious rain here at Udaipur.

The information also suggested that the mishap occured as the soil in the area got marshy due to which the victims got stucked into it and died.

It took 2 hours of the rescue teams to pull out the dead bodies that were shifted to the Mortuary of the M.B Hospital for posrmortem.

This is to be noted that the labourer had earlier also died few years back while cleaning a sewage plant at Krishnapura area of Udaipur after getting suffocation, these incidences are same where pointing towards lack of proper safety arrangements for the labourers workinh at sewage pkants.

Mohsin Khan leader of oppisition Udaipur Municipal Corporation (UMC). while talking to DU claimed that there are lots of mistakes in the works of Sewage Plants going on in the city these days undet Smart City Project,at the time of signing the Mou with a local company the corporation has included a clause of safety measures of the people working on the project but it remained only on papers but not implemented actually.

Corporation is totally negligent towards the safety of the people working on the project while the Engineers also remains absent from the sites,Khan claimed.

He further said that the sole responsibilty of the victim’s death would be on the Mayor,he should take responsibilty on him and a compensation of Rs. 5 lacs should be given to the family members of the victims. 



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