Hardcore criminal with Rs.5000 bounty on his head.

The Udaipur police on Saturday nabbed a 53 year old hardcore criminal Raniya Alias Rana from Khetla Baoji Temple of Gogunda village.
Rana was among the 25 top most wanted criminals of Udaipur district, he is wanted in connection with 53 criminal cases including loot,attempt of murder,abduction and extortion,supoly of illegal arms and theft at several police stations aross the district.
Rana carried a bounty of Rs.5000 on his head, Shaleindra Singh Intodiya said.
At present Rana is wanted in 4 new cases at Amabamata police station including one of opening fire at police man.
Whie adressing a Press Confrence on Satuday IPS Intodiya said that he and his team were in a lookout of another dreaded criminals Aslam and Nijam,in search of rhem the team was heading towards Gogunda when they got the information about Raniya Alias Rana to be at Khetla Baoji Temple near his native village Kokawas,upon verifiyng the information he along with his team including Head Constable Umed Singh,Tapendra and Salim Khan raided the Temple,seeing the team of police Rana tried to escape who was nabbed after a brief chase.
He has been arrested and transported to Amabamata police station for further interrogation,he is still under police interrogation and the police is questioning him further in relation to his crime,Intodiya added.



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