SPG,IG Alok Vashisth took stock of security arrangements of PM Modi’s propsed Public Meeting.

Ahead of PM Narendra Modi’s Public Meeting at Gandhi Ground on Monday a team of Special Protectiob Group (SPG) visited the area and took stock of tje security arrangements.

A team led by IG Alok Vashisth has alao visited the gorund where PM will adress people following the Lok Sabha Elections and instructed his sub ordinates about security meausres.

They took a round of the ground to check the arrangements and later took a meeting at Collectorate with SPG officials, police officials, administrative officials  and BJP leaders regarding the proper arrangements of security and succesfull execution of PM’s program.

During the meeting Vashisth also instructed the officials to make list of those people that will remain present on and around the stage through which Modi will adress people, he also directed them to keep a check on the people that will present gifts and garlands to PM during the program.

Besides that those present in the meeting has shared thier ideas and suggestions with Vashisth in relation with PM’s Public Meeting.

Modi will adress Public Meetings in Mewar and Marwar regions where polling for the first phase of Lok Sabha Elections will be held on 29th September.

On 21st September he will visit Chittorgarh and on 22nd September he will adress the Public Meeting at Udaipur to boost up the Election campaign.



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