Young Panther strayed in a farm, rescued by forest officials.

A young panther that strayed into a farm house at Gogunda village of Udaipur was rescued by the of ficials of Forest Department on Friday evening and was released in a safe enviornment.

According to the DFO OP Sharma the 1.5 year old male panther was first spotted by some local women that were passing from near the farm house owned by one Mangi Lal of the village, they informed the watchman of the farm house Mushtaq about the animal,Mushtaq immediately removed the cattle from the farm house and went to  offer Namaz believing that the animal would himself went away.

But in stead of moving out of the farm he hide himself behind a wall, later the villagers informed Mangi Lal who than called the Forest Officials for help,Sharma added.

Satyanam Singh of Forest Department went on the scene along with his team and finally resuced the Panther after stuggling for 4 hours, Singh tranquillized the animal and shifted him away from the farm and later released at nearby forest, Sharma said.



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