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World’s talest idol of Lord Shiva at Nathdwara, unveiled soon.

Nathdwara a small town of western Rajasthan which is located at a distance of around 48 kilometers from Udaipur and is famous for  the Temple of lord Shreenath will now be known for another reason as it will soon have world’s talest idol of lord Shiva with a hieght of 351 feet.

The gaigentic Idol of the deity which is almost 100 feet taller than the Staue of Liberty is being built at the hilllock of Nathdwara surrounded by the Aravali mountain range.

The unique idol of Shiva will showcase him in a meditation posture with his Trishul standing besides him at the verge of its compeletion ,it has compelted its major part of construction and will ready to unveiled till December 2018.

The Idol took almost 4 years of continuoes labour to take its final shape, basic structure of the huge idol has been  consturcted and theteam of architects are now crafting the idol, the foundation stone of the one of its kind idol was laid down by Spirutal Saint Murari Bapu whereas former Chief Minister of the state Ashik Gehlot also accompained him.

The Huge idol of Shiva is being crafted by a team of architects from Gurgaon and is financed by Miraj Group of Natdwara.

Madam Paliwal the Chairman of Miraj Group said ” I also dreamt of building a Gaint idol of lord Shiva, i am glad that my drem will soon come true as the Idol will be soon completed and opened for all”.

The project is being built in an area of 27000 sqfts and it will not only have the idol but it will also have a herbal garden and rest rooms for the visitors and tourists,Paliwal said.

Earlier the talest idol of Shiva was at Nepal with at hieght of 143 feet, but with a hieght of 351 feet Nathdwara’s idol Shiva will becomes talest idol of Shiva in the world.

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