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 Staff of Sub- Jail teaches inmate to make the literate.

Educating people while they were inside jail will make them less likely to return to crime and help them to led a good life, with this motive the administration of sub-jail of Mavli Tehsil of Udaipur started an Education Campaign for prisoners.

Sitaram Arya the jailer of the Mavli sub- jail said that the initiave was taken by the jail administration seeing the huge number of prisoners being illiterate, during the campaign the prisoners are made to learn Letters,Numbers and Inspirational stories so as to motivate them to leave a health life.

There are 17 prisoners in the sub,- jail who are taught by the jail staff in which most of the are post graduates. The campaign has been started by the Administration on 14th February and after the efforts of almost a month the prisoners can now read and write things properly, said Sitaram.

Sitaram while talking to DU said” This is Udaipur Division where such an educational campaign has been initiated, our motive is to connect prisoners with the society and Education id the most important tool to connect people with each other, besides the knowledge of Letters, Numbers and Grammer the inmate are also getting Yoga sessions on regular basis inside the jail compound”.

Where every morning Yoga sessions are being held for prisoners classes to teach them are being organised at the evening, said Sitaram.

District Collector Bishnu Charan Mallick also visited the jail on Tuesday to meet the prisoners, he interacted with them and shared the experiences, Mallick also appreciated the effort of the Jail administration.

Chief Sentinel of the jail Giriraj Yadav,Gopaldas,Pankaj Singh and Dhiraram,Manoj Kumar are playing key roles in making the campaign a huge success. 

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