Re- shaping your Attire.

We throw away old clothes when we get bored of them or the fashion changes. Some of us even donate clothes but have you ever heard the saying “Charity starts at home”? Why to donate clothes that can be reused, it’s always better to reuse and reshape old things rather than spending money unnecessarily. So I am going to give you some ideas and tips for reshaping your old clothes into usable things. Don’t worry I won’t give ideas that cannot be easy to execute.

Woman holding a huge pile of clothes

Another cool idea to reshape your old tee shirt into a crop top. The picture above is a brief tutorial on how to do it. When everyone is wearing crop top, no need to throw other tee shirts they can be reshaped into crop tops with a little effort. So, why not make one from an old tee shirt, I mean what’s the harm. Making your own clothes is a cool hobby anyways.What are you waiting for? Go make one girls, make a new top for yourself.


Old jeans gets faded,or out of fashion and we throw it away but there is a lot we can do if we reshape it. We can turn it into a bag, diary cover, top, bustier, footwear, skirt, cellphone cover, pillow cases oh the list goes on and on its up to you and your creativity. Denim is a very versatile fabric it can be used to make a lot of useful things. Don’t throw denims away and reshape it into cool stuff.


Aren’t these ideas cool for reshaping your denims? Throwing away denims even after they fade or go out of fashion, is always a bad idea. Think twice before you throw your jeans.

Fashion changes every season every year. So mostly every season starts with fresh trends. Winters also come with new winter wear trends every year, but, there’s no need to throw away old sweaters they can be reshaped into new and useful things like woolen slippers, boot socks, gloves bags, phone covers, caps and a lot more.

So people, don’t throw away old clothes reshape them into cool stuff and save money.


Article by : Richa Mata.



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