Rani,the female panther of Sajjangarh Biological Park dies.

Rani a 10 year old female panther kept at Udaipur’s Sajjangarh Biological Park died of Pyometra on Saturday during treatment.

She was been operated by a panel of doctors after she was dignosed infection in her utrus, doctors on Friday removed a huge quantity of Pus from her utrus to save her life,she started recovering after the Pus was removed but her condition again started getting worse later on Saturday night.

Deputy Forest Conservator Harini .V informed that she has stopped eating food since last 8 to 10 days due which she has become weak and her health has become bad.

Viewing the consistent fall in Rani’s  health the Wildlife Medical Officer of Jaipur Zoo Dr. Arvind Mathur was also called at Udaipur to treatment her.

The medical board consisting of Dr. Arvind and other doctors from Sajjangarh Biological of Udaipur took thr dicision to operate Rani to remove the Pus. 

But after all the efforts of the doctors and the care takers Rani could not survive the diease and she scummbed to her injuries on Saturday evening.

As per the doctors Rani was suffering from Pyometra which is a uterine infection.Though it is commonly known as a disease of female dog,it is also s notable human disease too.It has been compared to acute appendicitis in humans,because both are essential empyemas whitin an abdominal organ.

Rani was a matured female panther who was bought Udaipur from Junagarh of Gujarat State.



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