Happy Birthday Mohammad Moin Zilani, May God Bless You.

The Little “Sultan” of Khan Family has it;s birthday.


As you cruise on the seas of your life, drifted by the gentle breeze of your laughter, drop down your sails of happiness and enjoy this wonderful journey. Happy  birthday, my little sailor Mohammad Moin Zilani.

On the auspicious occasion of your birthday your Grand Pa Shokat Khan, Grand Mother Shehnaz Khan, Mother Mohsina Khan, Father Sohail Khan, Aunty Samina Khan, Uncle Rameez Ali, Brother Zuhair Ali, Uncle Zuber Khan, Aunty Amreen Khan, Grand Father Saeed Khan, Grand Father Abdul Kareem Khan, Grand Mother Ruksana Khan, Uncle Shakir Husain, Aunty, Sheen Husain, Uncle Asif Khan, Aunty Shabana Khan, Brother Owais Khan, Aunty Faran Khan, Uncle Abid Khan, Uncle Sajid Khan, Aunty Farzana Khan, Brother Ozair Khan, Brother Fuzail Husain, Brother Altamash Ahmed, Nabil- Nihal, Sister Falaq Khan, Sister Adiba Khan, Sister Gulnaz Khan, Sister Gusiya Khan, Brother Faizan Khan, Uncle Sharukh Khan, Uncle Ruhaan Khan, Grand Father Shahzad Khan, Grand Mother Farida Khan, Uncle Faizan Khan, Aunty Saniya Khan, grand Mother Mehraz Khan , Grand Father Aleem Khan, Uncle Faim Khan , Aunty Rehma Khan , Uncle Kamran Khan, Brother Arsh Khan and Brother HAsnain Khan (Honey) and all other relatives from Maternal and Paternal side wishes you a very Happy Birthday.


Special Wishes from Mysha Khan and Anya Khan.




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