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Re- shaping your Attire.

We throw away old clothes when we get bored of them or the fashion changes. Some of us even donate clothes but have you ever heard the saying “Charity starts at home”? Why to donate clothes that can be reused, it’s always better to reuse and reshape old things rather …

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Beauticians, an important part of Film Industry.

Bollywood is the sobriquet for the Hindi language film industry, based in Mumbai. The term is used as to refer to the whole of Indian cinema. Raja Harishchandra (1913) is known as the first silent feature film made in India but the first sound film was Alam ara which was …

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Floral prints will Rule this spring season.

All the trees have shed their leaves and so have we shed our winter wear and adopted our spring wears and this Flower prints will rule the market, said Samina Khan a local Fashion Designer. While talking to DU Khan informed that floral prints were out of trend from a …

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