Beauticians, an important part of Film Industry.

Bollywood is the sobriquet for the Hindi language film industry, based in Mumbai. The term is used as to refer to the whole of Indian cinema. Raja Harishchandra (1913) is known as the first silent feature film made in India but the first sound film was Alam ara which was released in 1931.

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And then, a need was felt to honor the people for their excellence in cinematic achievements, as a result ‘the times group’ started film fare awards in 1954 to honor both artistic and technical excellence of professionals in the Hindi language film industry , which is one of the oldest film events in India, In which only 5 awards were presented at the starting. But with time, the categories had grown up to to 37. With time, a total of 9 award functions are being held now, which are as follows : – Screen Awards, Stardust awards, Apsara awards, V. Shantaram awards, Global Indian film awards, Zee cine awards, international Indian film academy (IIFA), Times India film awards (Toifa) including Film fare.
All the technical persons, are being honored during all the award functions, but till now, the category for best hair and make-up artist had not been introduced in any of the award functions in spite of “IIFA” awards which has only make-up category.
Like other technical people, hair and make-up artist had also played on important role since the first Indian film had been made. Their contribution to create a beautiful and screen appealing face can’t be ignored and till now, many make-up and hair artists had created stunning and beautiful looks Indian for the whole film fraternity .

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On the other hand, Oscar award which is the oldest and biggest film award function had been honoring hair and make-up artist since 1981 for their outstanding contribution in cinemas.
Why till now, hair and make-up artist are not being given their due for their hard work and passion which they put on making a hero and heroine like fairy tale characters.
Their contribution is also as important as any other technical teams. A movie is incomplete without them, they makes a normal looking person a superstar , an old person, an ugly person etc. so, we now demand that with the Padma awards, a hair and make- up artist should be honored for their contribution in film fraternity awards too.
And we congratulate the team of hair and make-up artist (Damian martin, Lesley Varderwalt and Elka wardega) for best hair and make-up design for ‘mad max- fury road’ at Oscar awards 2016.



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