Another female Panther rescued from Aspur Tehsil,released in safe enviornment.

Forest Officials on Sunday  rescued a female Panther from a field at Dhavra Ka Wara village of Aspur Tehsil of Dungarpur District of Udaipur.

The officials conducted a rescue operation which continued for 2 hours and rescued the female Panther that got stucked in dense bushes inside field.

It was when the villagers heard the roars of the big cat on Sunday morning at 10 am, they than raised an alarm and also informed the Forest officials about the incidence. 

It is believed that the animal may have strayed into the human habitate in search of food and got stucked into the bushes,however the team of Forest Officials including Satyanam Singh rushed to the spot and finally rescued the animal after tranqulising her and later released her in a safe Forest enviornment,said Satyanam Singh of Forest Department.



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