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Administration will lay emphasis on Gavari festival.

Rajasthan a state which is known for its vibrant, veracious and colourful folk dances that turns even a desert into a pleasant place is having one of its dance form that represents the tribal culture and its rituals living across the land of historical importance and City of lakes Udaipur is “Gavri”, with a view of motivating the dance form the artist involved in it and to attract tourists the city administration will now conducts various activities for it soon.
In a meeting held on Wednesday district Collector Rohit Gupta laid emphasis on the ways to get Gavri internationally recognised and to get it familiar among the citizens as well as the tourists, Gupta also asked the officials to spread awareness about the importance of Gavri at city and village level.
Along with Gupta officials of various departments including the Deputy Director of Tourisim Sumita Saroch , Joint Secretary of T.R.I Jyoti Mehta, Gavri Specialist and Resesrcher and Film maker Harish Agney, W.David Kabiak,Rita Dixit, Harsih Agerwal,Dinesh Upadhyay,Riyaz Tehsin , Bhagwan Lal Kachawa , Ashuosh Bhatt and Representatives from Tribal Area development had participated in the meeting.
During the meeting it was decided that posters and broachers will be distributed among the tourist guides and they will be asked to inform the tourists about Gavri , spots to organise Gavri in the city and villages will also be identified soon.
Under list of activities that will be carried out to inform people about Gevri an open photography competition will be held in which the best photographers will awarded.
Later a meeting will held with the people associated with tourism industries and they will be asked to take active part in getting Gavri internationally recognised.
The Festival of Gavari is celebrated every year at Udaipur, Rajsamand and Chittorgarh by the people of Bhil community for 40 days soon after monsoon, men , women and children use to take part in the dance drama sort of event symbolising the well being of the community and displaying various stories of the culture. Where the dance is performed only by Bhils the other people use to enjoy them, during these 40 days the participants try to avoid bench alcoholic and stop eating non vegetarian food.

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